Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Revisited - Top 10 of 2012

It's almost a year since I first put out my top 10 of 2012, but movies do not stay the same. Thus, with my 2013 list about a month away (it's Australia guys, Nebraska hasn't been released yet, give me a break), I thought it might be nice to revisit the list and see what's changed.
Note: I still haven't seen Amour - terrible, right?

10. Lincoln: Time is helping. The absurdity of modern politics is helping. The depth of the screenplay and performances are helping. The ending still isn't helping.

9. The Cabin in the Woods: I still think about this and chuckle, and then every time I watch a horror movie (which is rare) or see a horror movie preview (less rare) I think about this movie and admire.

8. Django Unchained: This has certainly slipped. I still love the performances, and the 'evening at Candyland' sequence only increases in power and awe. But as people pointed out to me at the time, and I am now coming to realise - this should either be an hour shorter, or two hours longer.

7. Magic Mike: Don't retire Mr. Soderbergh, Mr. Miyazaki isn't, so come home... come home.

6. Holy Motors: I need another 10 years to get everything that's going on... but one helps.

5. Silver Linings Playbook: Would this have been a challenger to Gravity/12 Years a Slave? It's a whole lot better than American Hustle, so by that logic... oh well, it's held up pretty well, not as strong as The Fighter. Which makes me concerned about this trajectory Mr. O. Russell.

4. Zero Dark Thirty: Mr. Scorsese should contact Ms. Bigelow and compare notes for their end of year sociology paper: 'herd behaviour in the reception of art' -- This is one heck of a film.

3. The Color Wheel: I haven't revisited this film, I haven't really needed to, it's etched on my mind.

2. Moonrise Kingdom: The 2012 film I have re-watched the most, I've also shown it to the most people. Still hilarious, still touching, still picking up on more details, still the finest love story of the decade so far... oh wait, there may be a 2013 contender... anyhow, it's wonderful!

1. The Master: Where are you now Freddy Quill? How could another movie come and take The Master's position atop the mountain? No other film looks more like the cinema than this, no film takes its audience to the same depth as this, no film has me changing my mind as to what is going on as this, no other film (of 2012) is as aptly named as this... this is the master.


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