Thursday, 23 January 2014

10 tweetable notions on Coen brothers films

I'm trying something a little new, that will hopefully continue with future films. Feel free to come play; either in the comments or on twitter using the tag #filmicnotions

Basically they are short thoughts on films, not reviewing/criticising them, rather trying to capture a little of their nature... hopefully after these 10 you'll get the drift.

Miller's Crossing: A coward weeping in the woods evokes the pity of an Irishman; he was reminded of his hat.

Barton Fink: You think your life's tough? I'm in pictures now.

Fargo: This isn't what they were thinking when they coined the phrase: "in the family way."

The Big Lebowski: Everyone wants to be an individual; this individual's name is The Dude.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?: Nothing distracts from the task at hand quite like music.

No Country for Old Men: A conscience is one hell of a liability.

Burn After Reading: As we lay our heads on the pillow; exhausted from hijinks and hullabaloo, we ask ourselves: was anyone ever shot over less?

A Serious Man: Larry: "Why G-d? I'm not an evil man." G-d: "Larry, don't sweat the small stuff; the worst is yet to come."

True Grit: Take me back to a time when the men were true, the women had grit, and the horses weren't unionised.

Inside Llewyn Davis: Sing, fuck up, rinse, repeat. The only advice worth taking is impossible to follow.

Hope that was enjoyable, the invitation is open, add you own!

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