Monday, 14 January 2013

5 Great characters in movies who love movies

There is some such scientific theory, that the universe will turn in on itself. I guess, I mean what do I know. But I was thinking about this is terms of movies, and the way I've decided to understand it is in terms of characters in movies who themselves love movies. The great thing about such characters is the insight they provide to the directors own love of film; and that's always beautiful - heck it's why no one plays Tarantino off at award shows.

So 5 great characters in movies who love movies:

  • Cecilia in Woody Allen's The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) as played by Mia Farrow.
    • From my understanding of history (something I majored in) rarely has a character in a film been so moved by a member of the audience that they left the film to hang out with the audience member. But when you love film as much as Cecilia, strange things happen. The great thing about Allen and Farrow's creation is that when she meets Jeff Daniels as the actor Gil Shepherd she is more excited than when she meets the character Tom Baxter - Understanding her worship of movies and their stars as larger than life, somewhat holy creations, makes Allen and Farrow's Cecilia one of the great lovers of movies in movies.
  • Romy and Michele in David Mirkin's Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997) as played by Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow.
    • "You know even though we've watched Pretty Woman like 36 times, I never get tired of making fun of it." Enough said.
  • Selma Jezkova in Lars Von Trier's Dancer in the Dark (2000) as played by Bjork.
    • Selma loves movies, she loves them so much she never wants them to end, and so to avoid that pain she always leaves during the second last song, so the movie can continue forever and ever. I wished Bjork's performance continued forever and ever. The tragic irony in this film is the song about the second last song, is one of the most heartbreaking things of all of film.
  • Betty Sizemore in Neil LaBute's Nurse Betty (2000) as played by Renee Zellweger.
    • Ok, technically she is so in love with a television show that when she suffers a traumatic episode she resorts into the fantasy world of that show, becoming one of the characters. But if you love something so much as to learn how to pour coffee without looking, so as not to miss a moment of Greg Kinnear's 'acting' - then you deserve to be on my list. The tragic irony of this film is that it's in the same year as Bjork's Selma, the choice of the finer performance is my traumatic episode that sends me into a fantastical world where Bjork and Renee Zellweger fight the injustices of Middle America.
  • Mickey in Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) as played by Woody Allen.
    • There are very few directors who love film as much as Woody Allen, and when you love film that much you're going to have a few characters who love them also (or at least who love Ingmar Bergman). So why Mickey? Why not Alvie? Why not Isaac? Well I could say it's because Hannah and Her Sisters is my favourite Allen (and one of my very favourite films in general) and just leave it at that. However, truly, I think it's because Mickey, at the very depths of his depression, goes to see a movie. A Marx Brothers movie he's seen many times before. During which, he has a realisation that pulls him out of depression, out of the quandary of human misery and leads him back to happiness; back to warmth, laughter and the arms of a beautiful actress... and isn't that what all Allen's movies are there to do. To greet our gloomy faces at the door and say "come on in, it's warm inside."

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